Feature & Technology:

DryEasy is a wired alarm that uses a a clip sensor

  • It is referred to as traditional wired alarm, where a wire connects the sensor on the briefs to the alarm worn by the patient.
  • Uses 2 AAA Alkaline batteries(provided).
  • Volume control with 4 volume .levels
  • 6 sounds are available.
  • Toggle type of clip sensor attached to standard cotton briefs.


Where can it be used:

  • Unisex. The device can be used with both male & female , children & adults.
  • Battery powered. Can be used anywhere.


  • Medium (typical) for alarm box attached to clothing by clip.
  • There is only one vibration level which is low.
  • The DryEasy alarm box is larger and heavier than any other wired alarm box.

Easy-to-Use and Clean

  • Gold plated plastic coated sensor can be cleaned with soap-water and dried with towel.
  • The clip has hidden areas that cannot be conveniently reached for leaning.
  • The toggle clamp can break if care is not used.


Up-front Initial Cost: $30 – $50 .   Subject to whimsical changes.

Continuing Costs for Supplies and Replacement Parts in 6 Months (Estimated):$0.00

Limited Warranty: 1 year on alarm and sensor.


Providing Complete Product Data: Average.

Advertising: Good (inadequate data provided).

Trust in Company Claims: Very good.


Comparing DryEasy with Chummie Premium and Elite:

  • Both have average sound levels. Neither provides sound levels data.
  • DryEasy is somewhat bulkier and heavier than the Chummie alarms.
  • DryEasy’s clip sensor is easier to attach and can be cleaned more hygienically.
  • Chummie’s sensor has a larger area to sense wetness.
  • Chummie’s chemical sensor cannot be washed hygienically with hot water or scrubbing.
  • Chummie requires significant continuing costs in buying replacement tape and sensors.
  • Chummie’s product claims are not credible.
  • DryEasy is much less expensive than the Chummie Premium and the Chummie Elite.

Examine the factual data presented.

Which would you prefer? DryEasy or  Chummie Premium or Elite? Is your reasoning logical?

Comparing  DryEasy with DryBuddyEZ+ 2:

  • DryEasy has a lower sound volume than the DryBuddyEZ+ 2 .
  • DryEasy has a 4-steps volume control vs. the infinite control for the DryBuddyEZ+ 2.
  • DryEasy is bulkier and heavier than the DryBuddyEZ+ 2.
  • DryBuddyEZ+2’s magnetic sensor is much easier to use and clean thoroughly than DryEasy.
  • DryEasy is priced a little lower than the DryBuddyEZ+ 2.

Examine the factual data presented.

Which would you prefer? DryEasy or DryBuddyEZ+ 2? Is your reasoning logical?

Comparing DryEasy with Malem Ultimate:

  • Malem has softer sound (Malem will not provide volume data).
  • Malem does not offer a volume control.
  • Malem alarm is less bulky than the DryEasy.
  • Malem clip sensor is inferior to the DryEasy clip sensor for ease of use, cleaning, durability and warranty.
  • Malem is much more expensive.

Examine the factual data presented.

Which would you prefer? DryEasy or Malem Ultimate?  Is your reasoning logical?

Comparing DryEasy with Wet-Stop3:

  • Wet-Stop3 will not provide volume data.
  • Wet-Stop3 has no volume control while DryEasy has a 4-step volume control.
  • Wet-Stop3 and DryEasy are among the heaviest and bulkiest alarm boxes.
  • The prices are similar.

Examine the factual data presented.

Which would you prefer? DryEasy or Wet-Stop3?  Is your reasoning logical?